One of the first training requirements for a Start-Up is the establishment of a training curricula. The training curricula covers the key individuals in scope for GxP training, their roles in the Organization and the specific training that they need to complete in order to be ‘trained’.

DArcy’s training services covers establishment of training curricula for all company employees (GxP), development of Read-Understand-Sign training, roll out of training and completion of training records for impacted employees. Creating the training curriculum for each employee is done in consultation with the employee’s manager. In some cases, we have developed training to further amplify/ explain the content in SOPs e.g., Deviations and Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs). Once the training requirements are presented, DArcy will roll out training and collect evidence of completed training through the completed Read-Understand-Sign (RUS) forms. Training records are subsequently compiled for all employees and handed over our client as part of the final deliverable.